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Winter has finally arrived! Nova Guides is opening snowmobile tours for the winter season! We were super excited to wake up this morning to snowflakes stacking on our trail system and it hasn’t slowed down yet. To start the season, we are offering 2-hour guided snowmobile tours out of our Camp Hale location. Our Camp Hale Lodge sits at a base of 9,200 feet in elevation, the highest of any snowmobile operator in the area! This means we have the first and last snow of the season.

All of Nova Guides’ snowmobile tours include complimentary door to door transportation within the Vail Valley, snowsuits, snow boots, and helmets. Please come prepared with your personal goggles, gloves, and a neck gator or scarf. The Morning Camp Hale Snowmobile Tour has an 8:30 am pickup and drops off at 12:30 pm, the Afternoon Camp Hale Snowmobile Tour picks up within the Vail Valley at 12:30 pm and returns at 4:30 pm. 2 Hour Camp Hale Tours are $160 per driver and an additional $60 to have a passenger on the same machine. We operate on top of the line, new SKI DOO snowmobiles, complete with handlebar warmers for both the driver and passenger!

Start a tradition with Nova Guides this holiday season on an unforgettable winter adventure. It’s sure to be the highlight of your family’s trip! To arrange your family’s Camp Hale snowmobile tour this Thanksgiving please call our office between the hours of 7:00 am and 5:00 pm MST at 719.486.2656.

Stay tuned for more updates. Nova Guides will continue to expand tour options as we receive more snow. Coming soon are Top of the Rockies half day and full day tours, 2 hour Tigiwon tours, scenic Snow Coach tours, High Performance tours and Unguided Snowmobile Rentals.