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We here at Nova Guides strive for excellence both professionally and recreationally, and enjoy working in a positive, fun filled, family atmosphere. We are kicking off this holiday season with a new addition to our Blog, designed to showcase some of our top employees for the incredible people that they are. Because of these amazing individuals, Nova Guides is proud to say that we specialize in bringing the highest hospitality standards of the Vail valley & Summit county to winter and summer outdoor recreation activities.

For the inaugural “Guide Bio” we have chosen someone near and dear to our hearts here at Nova. It says on his birth certificate “Paul Nenninger” but for those of you lucky enough to be on a guided snowmobile tour with him you’ll know him as “Tall Paul” and will completely understand why we picked him for the first bio.

Born in Brandford Conneticut, Paul quickly realized that Colorado was calling his adventurous spirit out west. He has lived in Colorado since the 90’s and is pushing seventeen years here in the Vail Valley. Paul has been a part of the Nova Guides’ family for thirteen years primarily as one of our top rafting guides. Six years ago, Paul became a guide for our winter activities too. In remembering his first snowmobile experience Paul said, “I remember it like it was yesterday, and always keep that in mind when guiding my customers. You’ve never done it before, its new and exciting, and I was slightly nervous. Luckily my friends were great at explaining the basics and making me comfortable, just as if my parents were teaching me to ride a bike. I think connecting to that very fun day and fond memory helps me get our guests excited about what they’re about to do and snowmobiling in general. I also like to impart them with a favorite quote… “Life begins right outside your comfort zone.” and then tell them, “Okay… life has begun. Now let me make it comfortable for you.”

Safety on our snowmobile tours is our priority here at Nova Guides, so making our guests feel comfortable and confident is key, and Paul excels in this department! He is also a former EMT with a ton of back country experience. He also wanted to add that his hobbies include: Kayaking, kayaking, and kayaking, and he enjoys long walks on the beach, aka the Colorado river banks that back up to a great section of rapids. “Tall Paul” is a true team player, enthusiastic, positive, and comedic. We are proud to call him a part of the Nova family and hope you get the chance to experience his world class professionalism first hand!
Stay tuned to our blog for Chapter Two of our Guide Bio Showcase after the holidays!