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Camp Hale Archery

Camp Hale Archery! Join our guide to learn technique, stance, proper draw, sighting and release, safety, and target practice. This activity will begin with a recurved long bow with finger grips attached to the string, arm guards, and arrows. Once you have mastered the basics and can hit the target we will have fun games to take your shot to the next level!

Archery is a unique mountain experience that’s popularity as a recreational activity is growing in the United States.
Combine this activity with an ATV tour or Fly Fishing for a fun packed summer day!

The cost of this activity is $30 per person, per 1/2 hour. There is no minimum.
See counter in Lodge to have guide join you on the archery range.

This activity includes instruction using a recurved long bow and arrows. Safety will be a major focus of this activity. Four stations will be provided complete with traditional bulls-eye targets and a variety of targets.

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"This truly was a spectacular experience for all the senses that I will never forget. It was complimented by the stunningly gorgeous day and of course being surrounded by the majestic Rockies themselves.  The lunch afterwards was especially satisfying and delicious. What a perfectly executed, well organized operation, and a most memorable day for all.”    – Sarah T.