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After a fantastic winter in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the snow is melting! In the Vail Valley, this marks the beginning of many exciting changes for those of us who live here and for those visiting. It means vacation for some, outdoor hiking and amazing rivers, bike riding, patio dining, a different type of après and most of all fishing and Vail Valley summer family fun activities.

The fish in the rivers and lakes of Colorado are hungry and here at Nova Guides, we couldn’t be more excited for this amazing time of year. As more and more locals and visitors flock to the well-known rivers and streams of Colorado’s High Country, Camp Hale offers a remarkable little known secret, a private, five-acre trout lake, located in the Heart of the Pando Valley.

Camp Hale offers fishermen a spectacular variety of trout including Brown, Cutthroat, Rainbow and Brook Trout in our privately stocked lake. The Brown Trout is a medium sized fish with a mature average river weight of 2.2 pounds. The Cutthroat trout has evolved from other species into its current form in the Western Region of the United States. This trout is identified by orange marks along the undersides of their mandibles and gill plates. The Brook Trout is also known as a speckled trout. These fish prefer cooler water temperatures than their cousins, the brown and rainbow trout. These fish typically range from six to 13 inches in length. The final and perhaps the most beautiful trout is the Rainbow.  This spectacular fish is rated among the top five most sought after game fish in North America and is native only to the rivers and lakes of North American West. This fish is known for its stunning colors of blue-green and yellow-green with pink streaks and black spots.

Our private lake is fed by Watson Creek and local natural springs.  It is considered the head way to the Colorado River. Our expert fly fishing guides will all everything you need to catch the “Colorado Grand Slam” including all necessary equipment, rods, flies and waders.

The lake at Camp Hale has just opened up this week! It will take another week for the ice to finish melting and the water level to drop. The water in our lake is constantly moving, providing a natural environment for our fish. We plan on fully opening all of our Vail summer activities starting Monday, May 23rd.

As the first hints of summer are upon us, we look forward to welcoming you to the fantastic Vail Valley and historic Camp Hale for some of the best fly fishing of your life. Don’t hesitate to plan your Vail Valley Fly Fishing trip with Nova Guides today!