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Nova Guides is located along the National and Historic US Highway 24 and is surrounded by the White River National Forest. The Nova Guides’ lodge rests in the Pando Valley at 9,200 feet in elevation, this is where all snowmobile tours and rentals begin. The winter trail system of the White River National Forest boasts over one hundred miles of groomed terrain and multiple free ride open meadows on over 55,000 acres. It is the largest and highest elevation commercial trail system in the central Rocky Mountains. Guests can snowmobile from Camp Hale to Ski Cooper, to Red Cliff, to Vail Pass. It will take you all year to get bored on this extensive trail system.

A map overview of the Vail Pass winter recreation area.
Access these trails with Nova Guides!

Camp Hale offers direct access to the East Fork and Resolution Road. The East Fork is home to the natural spring that fuels the Eagle River and supports the Pando Valley’s rich ecosystem. Along the trail there are many trout filled beaver ponds, which are highly sought out by fly fisherman in the warmer months. The East Fork winds up through the trees with pristine high elevation views. Along the East Fork there are also the remnants of the 10th Mountain Division’s training grounds. In the winter, the East Fork provides access to some of Nova Guides’ favorite free ride meadows. Guests can unleash on their snowmobiles for some unbeatable powder riding.

The 10th Mountain training ground bunkers, located along the East Fork trail.


Resolution Road is approximately three miles long and departs from Nova Guides’ lodge at Camp Hale; it climbs in elevation from 9,200 feet to over 12,000 feet at its highest point. Resolution Road ends at the Continental Divide with Machine Gun Ridge to the south, and Ptarmigan Pass to the North. This intersection has arguably the best views in the central Rocky Mountains. See four different mountain ranges, including extraordinary views of the famous fourteener Mount of the Holy Cross on a snowmobile tour, snow coach tour, or unguided snowmobile rental.

Machine Gun Ridge at 12,000 feet!

From Resolution you can travel onto Ptarmigan Pass and Wilder Gulch which connects Vail Pass to the Pando Valley. Vail Pass is located along Interstate 70 and is a very popular rest stop for tourists and recreationalists alike. It was originally named after Charles Vail the engineer of the highway. Before Vail Pass was constructed Shrine Pass was the western route through the central Rocky Mountains. The town of Red Cliff is accessible via Shrine Pass, but before heading over to Red Cliff take a couple laps in one of our favorite and largest free ride meadow, Shrine Bowl.

Shrine Bowl, the best open free riding in the Vail Pass trail system.


Join Nova Guides on a guided tour or unguided rental in the summer or winter and discover all that the White River National Forest has to offer. The combination of epic mountainous views, wildlife, and plant life, all on well-maintained trials, creates the perfect Rocky Mountain experience the whole family will never forget.