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It’s a typical spring for Nova Guides in Camp Hale Colorado. Only a couple days after shutting down snowmobiling for the year due to warm temperatures it starts to dump snow. In an effort to provide daily activities for the Vail Valley and Summit County Nova Guides opened Jeep tours, whitewater rafting, and fly-fishing this past Wednesday. While this spring storm will surely put a hold on activities the precipitation is vital for a successful summer.

Jeep Tours are a favorite for all types of tourist visiting the Vail Valley. The diverse trail system for Vail Jeep tours offer guests many options. Wildlife can be spotted more frequently on certain trails, for example you’re almost guaranteed to see a Moose when traveling to Piney Lake. Other trails are bumpier than others, or have different histories and stories to tell. Currently Nova Guides is leading Vail Jeep tours through the Colorado River basin. The area is lower in elevation and warmer this time of year.



High temperatures throughout early spring has resulted in an early start for the best whitewater rafting in Colorado. Nova Guides leads guests on three incredible Colorado Rivers, the Arkansas, the Colorado, and the local Vail’s favorite, The Eagle River. Think the water might be too cold? Don’t worry, Nova Guides has you covered! All necessary gear including wetsuits, booties, splash jackets, gloves, and helmets are included in our vail whitewater rafting trips. Join Nova Guides on a Class I-II trip on the Upper Colorado, or a Class II-III trip, the Shoshone, as soon as these spring storms have cleared.

Last but not least, Fly-fishing trips are open. The fly fishing guides at Nova are ready to cast! Join them on a float or wade trip on the Eagle or ColoradoRivers. Locations change daily due to the ever changing river conditions, especially during early spring runoffs. The private trout lake at Camp Hale is not open yet, but will be soon!

Coming soon Vail ATV tours and rentals, as well as Vail Side-by-Side tours and rentals!