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Nova Guides and McAllisters Grill is located right in the heart of the Pando Valley at Camp Hale. The Eagle River runs through the Pando Valley making it the perfect habitat for Aspen trees.  Aspen trees typically like to live in higher elevations, with plenty of moisture and sunshine. The Pando Valley is the perfect environment for the trees, as our abundant snowfall makes for plenty of moisture. As fall approaches with the shorter, warmer days and cooler nights, the Aspens are turning magnificent yellow, orange and red colors.

Aspen leaves appear to be green, because of they contain chlorophyll.  The chlorophyll helps in the photosynthesis process to turn sunlight into sugars. The trees then store the sugars for nutrient during the winter months.  However; in the fall months the carotenoids and anthocyanins become more present in the leaves.  Carotenoids make the leafs turn a yellow or orange color, just as it makes corn and carrots yellow and orange!  Anthocyanins make the red color in leaves, as it makes apples and cherries red! The leaves look the most spectacular in the fall, because the warmer days allow for the chlorophyll to produce sugars for the trees while the cooler nights prevent the sugars from moving through the veins of the tree. This causes the chlorophyll to dissipate while the carotenoids and anthocyanis colors are able to shine through, giving us vibrant fall colors.

Aspen trees share their root systems making them the largest living organism on earth. The largest Aspen grove is over 100 acres! Nova Guides is offering spectacular fall trips for guests to explore acres and acres of Aspen Groves and view the leaves changing from greens to stunning oranges, yellows and reds. Take a Jeep tour with an experienced guide or for the more independent adventurer we have ATV and Side-by-Side tours. All tours are a fun and adventurous way to see the Aspen leaves start to change in the beautiful Colorado Rockies.

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