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Continental Divide

Continental Divide

Continental Divide

hike sept 10-2013The continental divide is located right up the road from our lodge at Historic Camp Hale.  The continental divide also known as the Great Divide is an imaginary line that runs vertically through the United States, Canada and Alaska; it is 3,100 miles!  It travels through the Sierra Madre Occidental range in Mexico, then through the Rocky Mountains in the United States and Canada.

On the West side of the divide all the streams, rivers, and snowmelt will flow to the Pacific Ocean and to the east it will flow into the Atlantic Ocean.  If you stand with one foot east of the divide and one foot west of divide and spit on each side your spit will eventually be in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans; not many people can say the split in two different oceans on the same day while being in Colorado!!

Whether you want to drive one of our ATV , Side-by-Sides or have someone drive you in one of our Jeep Tours along Resolution Road; once you reach the summit of 12,000 feet you will be able to see Ptarmigan Peak which is where the continental divide is located along with four other mountain ranges!!

machine gun ridge 02In the summer you will see endless grassy meadows that are filled with wildflowers while traveling along a creek through the spectacular Colorado forests that are filled with Aspen tree and Pines.  In the winter time you will be able to take one of our snowmobiles up to the continental divided where you will be surrounded by a winter wonderland of snowcap peaks; some of which reach over 14,000 feet!  You will also see Machine Gun Ridge where the 10th Mountain Division trained for World War II; in the winter Machine Gun Ridge develops one of the largest cornices in the State of Colorado.

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"This truly was a spectacular experience for all the senses that I will never forget. It was complimented by the stunningly gorgeous day and of course being surrounded by the majestic Rockies themselves.  The lunch afterwards was especially satisfying and delicious. What a perfectly executed, well organized operation, and a most memorable day for all.”    – Sarah T.