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Vail Team Building

page hero team1Nova Guides offers an array of Team Building programs for your group. These action-packed programs stress cooperative decision making, leadership, and problem solving in a fun and picturesque setting.

Jeep Scavenger Hunt is the perfect way to channel a little creativity! Teams are divided up into 4X4 Jeeps and provided a set of photo clues and trivia questions. Clues will bring teams to historical and geographical points of interest. How will your team interpret these mysterious hints? Points are awarded on creativity and uniqueness, so let’s see what you’ve got!teambuilding nova guides

Orienteering Cached Way Points – Put down the digital devices and pickup a map and compass. Locate cached way points during your scavenger hunt to test teams in a multitude of different challenges. Teams will scour the area in 4X4 Jeeps to locate the geo-cached way point boxes. Each box has a task to complete before moving on to the next one. Through teamwork and cooperation, the team that conquers the challenges and maximizes points will emerge victorious!

Team Building activities are perfect for corporate retreats, family reunions, church groups, etc. After your activity, we can also provide catered dining options for your group. Nestled in a valley with a gorgeous panorama, enjoy a unique dining experience and afterwards reflect on your day next to the camp fire. With a majestic backdrop and expert facilitation, these activities will provide memories you won’t soon forget.

Contact our Sales Team to discuss your groups dynamics and we can customize an experience of a lifetime.

The details of a typical team building event:

The Jeep Scavenger Hunt is the perfect way for your group to work together while enjoying the magnificent Colorado Rockies. This excursion starts right at the hotel and culminates at our Lodge at Camp Hale. After a quick orientation outlining rules of the event, teams will be given a camera, and the scavenger hunt packet, which includes photo clues, scavenger hunt items, trivia questions, and a pen. Teams of up to 6 will compete against each other, scrambling to take pictures of designated items and collect various clues along the way. Extra points are awarded for originality and creativity and additional trivia items provide an added challenge. The ultimate goal is to collect as many points possible within the allotted time frame, but beware; smartphones, iPads, and libraries are off limits so you might find yourself relying on the kindness of strangers and the friendliness of locals to help you with pictures and historical trivia!teambuilding.nova.guides

Upon arrival at the Lodge at Camp Hale, guests will turn in their hunt packet for us to tally the scores. The hour it takes for judging is the perfect time to enjoy a buffet or cocktail hour and enjoy the surrounding scenery. We then announce the winners and provide 1st place trophies to all members of the winning team, all the team scoring booklets are returned and a disc of the digital photos taken by each team.

We can add a GPS Cached Way Point component. Implement Orienteering and Compass or GPS unit to test teams in a multitude of different challenges by locating the hidden Way Points. Teams will scour the area in 4X4 to unlock the puzzles we have set up. Through teamwork and cooperation, the team that conquers the challenges and maximizes points will emerge victorious!

Field stations are used to create challenging and unique problem solving opportunities. Challenge Stations include:  Row-Row-Row your Boat, Tire-d Roll, Trout Cast & Catch, Wally Walk, River Rock Stacking, Whistle Puzzle, Archery Targeting, Red Rider Shoot, Glassing Hide-n-Seek, and more.

The Camp Hale Ultimate Team Experience with Nova Guides embraces multiple levels of team building while in the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Teams are outfitted in RZR or ATV off road vehicles. Teams travel between the difference challenges to receive a stamp and points for each completed task. Teams will ride an Off-Road Vehicle, navigate high altitude trails, find Cached Way Points, row a boat, catch a trout (or try), shoot an arrow, answer trivia, solve puzzles, create art, and then get their booklets scored and the winning team will be awards trophies!

Team Building times are customized based on group need – Inquire for Pricing!
  • Jeep Scavenger Hunt and Trivia
    6 person miniumum
  • Jeep Scavenger Hunt, Trivia & Orienteering Cached Way Points 
    12 person minimum
  • Field Events customized to groups needs.
    12 person minimum
  • Camp Hale Ultimate Team Experience customized to groups needs.
    12 person minimum


Contact our sales office to discuss your group’s specific needs.
719-486-2656.  All Team building events are customized.



"Lucas was awesome, very personable while making sure everyone was safe. The snowmobiles were in great condition and were simple to operate. Handle bar and passenger grip warmers really work. The scenery and history of the area is worth your time and money. Take a break from skiing, get away from the crowds, have hot chocolate and cookies half way through your tour, and definitely bring the kids. Sign up for a tour and they pick you up and drop you off were you're staying, even the drivers are friendly and knowledgeable." David