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Engagement Season is Winding Down

Its official.  The unofficial engagement season is almost over.  What is engagement season you ask?  It’s those precious moments between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day when it seems like everyone knows someone that is proclaiming their engagement to all the social world.  For those of us in the event world, we would…

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Continental Divide

Continental Divide The continental divide is located right up the road from our lodge at Historic Camp Hale.  The continental divide also known as the Great Divide is an imaginary line that runs vertically through the United States, Canada and Alaska; it is 3,100 miles!  It travels through the Sierra…

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Aspen Trees and Fall Colors

  Nova Guides and McAllisters Grill is located right in the heart of the Pando Valley at Camp Hale. The Eagle River runs through the Pando Valley making it the perfect habitat for Aspen trees.  Aspen trees typically like to live in higher elevations, with plenty of moisture and sunshine. The Pando…

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Snowmobile Readiness

Nova Guides leads over 25,000 guests and locals of the Vail Valley and Summit County into the Colorado back country a year. Snowmobiling is rapidly growing in popularity every year, resulting in the increase of the number of people and machines on trails. Snowmobiling and the Colorado back country have…

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Mid Summer Whitewater Rafting Update

  Whitewater rafting is one of the most popular recreational activities in central Rockies. Thousands of locals and visitors paddle their way down Colorado’s beautiful rivers every year. With over 31 years of commercial rafting experience, Nova Guides is the choice for the best whitewater rafting in Colorado. Nova Guides…

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Nova Guides Spring Update!

It’s a typical spring for Nova Guides in Camp Hale Colorado. Only a couple days after shutting down snowmobiling for the year due to warm temperatures it starts to dump snow. In an effort to provide daily activities for the Vail Valley and Summit County Nova Guides opened Jeep tours,…

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“I just wanted to let you guys know that I absolutely looooved going snowmobiling with you guys! I went with a couple different other companies but no one compares to Nova Guides! It was the greatest experience and I can’t wait to come back." - Natasha